The Garden

TheGardenSome guy in the crowd was heckling us the other day,” says The Garden’s bleach-haired
drummer Fletcher Shears with a grin. “That’s cool, I’m into that. It’s a challenge. He was shouting ‘Fuck you!’ and ‘You suck!’. I ended up throwing myself onto him from the stage. He didn’t say anything after that. The crowd loved that shit. It was one of our best shows. So aggressive and raw. No bullshit.”

Body-slamming audience members isn’t the usual way new bands go about making friends, but Fletcher and his twin brother Wyatt don’t seem too concerned about that. Here is a list of things they do care about: 1) not being a boring live band; 2) defying any effort to slot them into a pre-existing genre.

Full piece in NME, 9 August 2014.