Death From Above 1979: “What happens if a metal band were recorded like The Beatles?”

Jesse F. Keeler and Sebastian Grainger are so in love they’re having another baby. Their fourth record as Death From Above 1979, christened ‘Is 4 Lovers’, is due this week after an unexpectedly extended gestation period. Written and recorded in 2019, the release is one of the many to have been put back by the pandemic. The eventual arrival of their latest little miracle is exciting news for the proud parents, especially when you consider that 15 years ago they hated each other so much even the prospect of joining the biggest tour of their lives couldn’t keep them together.

NME, I’m gonna tell you a secret that nobody knows,” says Keeler, the band’s luxuriously mustachioed bassist, speaking over Zoom from his farm a couple of hours outside of Toronto. “When our band broke up, we decided in 2005 to stop playing together but we hadn’t told anybody yet. That’s when Daft Punk’s manager Pedro [Winter] asked us to open for them on that tour with the pyramid [the 2006/2007 Alive world tour]. I told him: ‘Dude, you’re too late!’”

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