Carl Cox: ‘I’ve always been a renegade, but mindful of others too’

If you’ve raised your hands in ecstasy on a dance floor in the past 44 years, sweat sticky on your skin, electricity crackling in the air and Carl Cox behind the decks, you’ll probably be able to guess what it’s like to have a conversation with the man himself.

Even over a shaky video connection, the three-deck wizard gives off enough positive vibes to heat a moderately sized flat. He’s a 59-year-old with the hyperactive energy of a toddler on a sugar bender. David Guetta, being French, calls this infectious enthusiasm of Cox’s “joie de vivre”. Another way of putting it would be the joyous exclamation that has become Cox’s signature shout-out, the same four little words plastered across the cover of his new memoir: “Oh Yes, Oh Yes!”

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