Artists of 2015: The Districts

districtsMore than 2,200 bands play Austin’s SXSW festival each year, so it takes something pretty special to cut through the margarita fuzz and stand out from the melee. Last year, four unassuming teenagers from the tiny town of Lititz, Pennsylvania managed it. Anyone who witnessed The Districts’ incendiary live show came away raving about their fully-formed rock’n’roll epics, and in particular fresh-faced lead singer Rob Grote whose voice sounded like it belonged to a man who’d been headlining festivals since Woodstock.

Nine months on The Districts find themselves in London after a year spent spreading their gospel around the world. Their reputation as the band who conquered SXSW could have weighed heavy, but they shrug off the idea that they’ve felt under pressure to live up to the hype. “When you’re playing a show you’re in you own little world,” shrugs Grote. “We don’t think about anything else.”

Originally published in New Bands of 2015 issue, 10 January 2015. Continue reading at NME.