Sean Paul: ‘Legal cannabis dispensaries are a good thing, but their weed tastes like cardboard’

Sean Paul hasn’t left Jamaica for 18 months. In ordinary times, the ambassador for dancehall jets around the world enthusiastically encouraging us all to shake our things. But thanks to the pandemic, even an invitation to Cardi B’s recent birthday party in Las Vegas couldn’t pry him off the island. “I was like, ‘Yo, I’m not travelling right now’,” says the 48-year-old with a shake of his head. “That was a big decision, but I did send dubplates so at least I was there in essence, and I got to tell her happy birthday through the dub.”

While missing out on that lavish bash may have been disappointing, Paul has been enjoying spending more time than usual in his homeland. He worries, though, about the island’s future. “I’ve seen climate change first-hand here,” he says into his iPhone, standing outside his house in Kingston with bright sunlight glinting off his chunky black shades. “There are beaches I know that have receded 20 feet. In some places there’s no sand, there’s no beach anymore.” He tries to do what he can. He’s recently started funding a water trust that helps small farmers keep their crops irrigated even during droughts. He likes to help out the little guy. “In my experience, when anything becomes too industrial you lose the quality,” he says. “Even with music.”

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