I’m In It

evianchristevianchristipadEllesmere Port is an industrial town in the north west of England, 13 miles south of Liverpool. There’s not a lot going on around here. It used to be that young people would go and get jobs at the oil refinery or the chemical plant. Some of them got jobs in the car factories that secrete the Vauxhall Astras that flow along the town’s major arteries as if in convoy. But times are changing. Nowadays kids leaving school are more likely to end up working in the big retail park that’s grown up on the other side of town, shifting Ellesmere Port’s centre of gravity geographically as well as economically. The kids that can get out move to the cities and forget all about Ellesmere Port, telling their new friends they’re from the nearby well-heeled city of Chester instead.

Josh Leary is different.

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