Savages: the angriest band in showbiz

savagesSavages have a reputation for being about as funny as breaking your spine while trying to turn off an episode of The Big Bang Theory, but singer Jehnny Beth is laughing her arse off.

We’re sitting in a café in London, and I’ve only asked why T.I.W.Y.G., a recent single from the usually morose post-punk outfit’s second record, ends with a laugh track.

“What can I say?” she asks, composing herself. “We thought it would be surprising.”

Surprising is putting it mildly. Since the release of ferocious 2013 debut Silence Yourself, Savages have carved themselves a niche as Britain’s most confrontational band. To see them live is to witness raw power, with Fay Milton beating the drums of hell, while guitarist Gemma Thompson and bassist Ayse Hassan whip up a storm to back Beth’s snarl. Their return this month with album Adore Life sees them square up to the world again.

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