Mount Westmore: “It’s hard for us to make a bad song together”

Snoop Dogg is in full Mandalorian armour, helmet in one hand and a blunt in the other. Ice Cube is propping up a bar that looks uncannily like the Mos Eisley cantina (did Cube shoot first?). E-40 is dancing with an alien with three breasts straight out of Total Recall, while Too $hort is spitting bars as a couple of blue-skinned Na’vi drop it low. Welcome to Planet Snoopiter, the setting for this mash-up of sci-fi classics from Star Wars to Avatar that is Mount Westmore’s gloriously entertaining video for their bass-rumbling single ‘Big Subwoofer’.

Now that these four icons of West Coast hip-hop have teamed up, the clip makes one thing clear: even the sky is no longer the limit. “We feel like this group is out of this world,” chuckles Ice Cube to NME, safely back at home in Los Angeles. “We wanted to do something that was gonna be eye-catching to all ages, that everybody across the world could relate to.”

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