Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh

Mark Mothersbaugh (2014) publicityMark Mothersbaugh is showing me his impression of Sid Vicious. He’s standing next to a coffee table, scanning the room and sliding the lid of a coffee pot towards the edge with his fingertips. It teeters for a moment, then falls. He explains: “When The Sex Pistols played their last show in San Francisco, Devo had played a punk club the night before. We slept in the offices of a magazine called ‘Search and Destroy’ and after The Sex Pistols show they came over there to party with us. Sid was with Nancy. There’d be a bottle of beer on a table, and he’d be going like this. Looking around. Then he’d push it a little closer. Keep looking around. Then he’d push it over: CRASH! Then he’d look around and realise nobody gave a shit, so then he went and did it again somewhere else. He did it three or four times and then he realised he wasn’t gonna get anybody upset, so he quit.”

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