Daniel Radcliffe on God, flatuent corpses and not being a dick

danielradcliffeIn Imperium you play an FBI agent undercover with white supremacists. What’s the most disturbing thing you learned?

It’s all fairly disturbing. I was more surprised by the mundane stuff. I imagined that white supremacists would go on internet forums and say horrible things about black people and Jews. I didn’t imagine they’d be swapping poems.

Which conspiracy theories are you a fan of?

I love the idea that aliens might have built the Pyramids or interceded in our progress as a civilisation. I don’t believe that, but I love hearing people talk about it.

What did you think when you read the Swiss Army Man script and realised you’d be playing a flatulent corpse?

That it was, yeah, kinda weird, but mostly what struck me was how funny and inventive it was. There was something really exciting about the levels of imagination at work. I immediately thought: “Holy shit, this is going to be something cool.”

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