Vote Afghanistan!

vote-afghanistanIn August 2009, Afghanistan went to the polls to choose a president for only the second time in its history. While incumbent Hamid Karzai would eventually be awarded another term amid widespread allegations of fraud, the opponents who risked their lives to run against him captured a thirst for change amongst many Afghan voters. A year earlier, Havana Marking had directed the remarkable and award-winning documentary ‘Afghan Star’, which had focused on hopefuls competing in Afghanistan’s equivalent to Pop Idol. Three weeks before election day she returned to the country with co-director Martin Herring to go on the campaign trail with the candidates auditioning for the job of President of Afghanistan. With screenings of ‘Vote Afghanistan!’ now starting at the ICA, Dazed Digital met the two directors to discuss democracy in a warzone and compare electioneering in Kabul with the race to Downing Street.

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