Neon dreams


“I know this is literally the worst time to bring this up,” says singer Faris Badwan to the rest of The Horrors, “but it still doesn’t feel like that track’s called ‘Sleepwalk’ to me.” He grabs my notebook, where I’ve hastily noted down the song titles for the band’s fourth album, and he scribbles out the last one ‘Sleepwalk’ and replaces it with ‘Better Now’. The band members all take sides, and eventually he scribbles that out too and circles ‘Sleepwalk’. “No, let’s leave it as that.”

If you hadn’t gathered by now, The Horrors are perfectionists. After 15 months working on their latest record it’s finally got a release date of 5th Although the song titles may still be up for debate, after lengthy debate the record itself will be called ‘Luminous’.

Full piece in NME, 1 March 2014.