Big­gie Thinking

THEFACE_ACOGGIN_THINKBIG_1The Noto­ri­ous B.I.G. was not a man who was shy about his love of tak­ing tokes of the mar­i­jua­na smoke. Nei­ther is the late rapper’s son, CJ Wal­lace. That makes a move into the cannabis indus­try seem like a nat­ur­al step for the 22-year-old actor – but equal­ly, he knows he has to do right by the name of his father.

I was think­ing: how do we do it, oth­er than just putting Big­gie on bongs and Big­gie on blunts?” he tells me. ​“Oth­er than that, how do we real­ly do it?”

We’re gen­tly bak­ing in the sun out­side Wallace’s busi­ness part­ner Willie Mack’s home in the Los Feliz neigh­bour­hood of Los Ange­les. The pair met in May last year, after Wal­lace had wrapped shoot­ing the third sea­son of hor­ror spin­off series Scream. He was on the hunt for some­one who could help him use the Noto­ri­ous B.I.G. name for some­thing more than a cheap brand­ing exer­cise. Mack, with a long back­ground in cannabis mar­ket­ing, was the man for the job.

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