93% of students say they’re registered to vote – but will it bring change?

The Labour Leader Addresses Party Conference

The election this June is a weird one for any number of reasons. Conducted beneath the cloud of Brexit, it’s also notable for likely being the last one we’ll be able to squeeze in before global Armageddon. Enjoy it while you can!

Another weird thing about it is simply that it’s happening in June. The last three general elections have all been held in early May, and it’s possible this subtle shift in the date could have a big impact on how young people vote – or more specifically, where they vote. Holding the election after many students have finished exams could mean that more vote in their home constituencies, and 68% of those surveyed said this was their plan. It’s hard to call exactly how this might impact the result. It may mean that there’s a reduced impact from concentrated blocks of students voting in university seats. At the same time, some students may be going home to cast potentially powerful votes in marginal constituencies.

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