How to spend a day in Silver Lake, LA’s hippest neighbourhood

Silver Lake has something of a reputation. Dubbed the “Williamsburg of the West”, this hilly Eastside neighbourhood is known as LA’s foremost hipster hangout. Don’t let that put you off, however; the area’s plethora of bustling bars, inventive restaurants and boutique shops make it the perfect place to while away a sunny afternoon and, unlike many parts of Los Angeles, it really lends itself to being explored on foot. Seemingly a world away from the intensity of Downtown or the boisterous energy of Hollywood, Silver Lake encourages you to slow down, take it easy and drink the city in.

The area is centred around the reservoir from which it takes its name, built in 1907. The historic Vista Theater, which sits on the border of Silver Lake and Los Feliz, opened in 1923 before sadly becoming an early victim of the pandemic nearly a century later. Thankfully, the cinema has since been bought by Quentin Tarantino, who is reportedly adding a bar before it reopens. Among Silver Lake’s other cinematic claims to fame is that it was home to Walt Disney’s first LA studio in 1926 (the site is now the location of a slightly less glamorous Gelson’s supermarket).

To get your bearings, head to Sunset Junction. This busy hub is the meeting point of two of Los Angeles’ major arteries: Sunset and Santa Monica Boulevards. It’s also the perfect place to start your Silver Lake adventure.

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