Glastonbury 2019: Liam Gallagher rolls back the years


Liam Gallagher was put on this earth for moments like this. His set on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night after a glorious day of sunshiiiine was so full of ‘Glastonbury moments’ that it’ll be hard for any act this weekend to better him.

He came out of the blocks like Usain Bolt running for a bus. He started the show with a pre-recorded chant of “Championes, championes”, presumably a reference to his beloved Manchester City as well as to his own rejuvenated fortunes in recent years. His stage set featured a banner reading: ‘MCFC Spezial’ as well as his usual ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’ sign. As the chant faded out, Oasis’ classic opening music blared out over the field as Liam strutted on stage. And nobody struts quite like Liam.

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