“I was there when…”

gq-glastonburyWhen Leonard Cohen did not go all the way to Glastonbury to fool us, 2008

There’s a popular misconception that Leonard Cohen’s music is a bit of a downer and it was this falsehood I found myself battling as I corralled a group of friends into joining me for his 2008 set on the Pyramid Stage. They thanked me later. Cohen’s performance was as uplifting and joyful as any I’ve ever witnessed, in the muddy fields of Pilton or anywhere else. The man himself, suavely suited and with a sly grin half-hidden under a fedora, seemed to be enjoying himself too. “I told the truth,” he sang during an unforgettable “Hallelujah”. “I did not come all the way to Glastonbury to fool you.”

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