Oscars 2019: Why shouldn’t A Star Is Born win Best Picture? Because it’s basically The Ryan Adams Story

a-star-is-born-ryan-adams-1220x775An established male rock star stumbles across a talented younger female singer. He recognises that she’s a great songwriter and tells her so, inviting her to collaborate and then tour with him. Their relationship swiftly becomes sexual. When her talent becomes apparent to others, he reacts by becoming jealous and controlling. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, his behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and disturbing.

Pop quiz: Is this (A) a brief summary of just some of the allegations against Ryan Adams, reported earlier this month by the New York Times? (B) The plot of ‘A Star Is Born’, nominated for Best Picture at this Sunday’s Oscars? (C) Both. It’s both, isn’t it? This is a rhetorical device, not a real quiz.

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