The Website You Need to Check Before You Take Ecstasy

pillreportsBrands run the world. By the time the average American child is three years old, they’ll be able to recognise 100 brand logos. Likewise, when the average British teenager starts double-dropping pingers on a weekend they’ll soon learn their Mitsubishis from their Teslas, their Skypes from their Spongebobs, their Anonymous masks from their puckering Donald Trumps.

Brands can be useful when they tell us something about a product’s origin and quality, and the same goes for drugs. While it’s true that ecstasy manufacturers frequently use similar or identical stamps to brand wildly different products, reviews of certain batches of the drug doing the rounds in a given place at a certain time can help to identify potentially dodgy pills. That can mean more than the difference between a great night and throwing up in the smoking area. Sometimes it can mean life or death.

That’s where comes in.

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