Register to vote – and take a +1


Today is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming Most Important General Election Of Your Lifetimeᵀᴹ.

You may think this need not bother you. We know that you, dear, sweet, devastatingly good-looking and politically-engaged NME reader that you are, have already registered to vote. Of course you have. You went along to and spent a few minutes making sure you can make your voice heard on the 8th June. Well done you.

But don’t recline smugly on your laurels just yet, there’s still something that you could do today that might, at the risk of mildly overstating things, Change The Future Of The Country Forever. It’s time to text a mate and remind them to register. This is, after all, not just about individuals but about whole generations. We know that in the 2015 election, only 43% of people aged 18-24 and 54% of people aged 25-34 cast their vote, compared to a massive 78% of over-65s voted.

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