Kevin Perry Goes Large In The Med’s New Party Capital, Malta

Photographer: www.lukedyson.photographyIf you work for the tourist board of a small Mediterranean island, British clubbers are presumably seen as something of a mixed blessing. Sure, they’re going to fill your hotels, eat at your restaurants and buy enough sambuca to double your GDP, but they’re also going to get lairy, keep their soundsystems going until 4am and end up performing drunken sex acts on your picturesque cobbled streets.

It’s a chance Malta were willing to take this Easter when they invited Annie Mac to put on the inaugural Lost & Found festival over the long weekend. The island is no stranger to hard-partying Brits. Oliver Reed died of a heart attack here in 1999 at the age of 61 after drinking eight beers, three bottles of rum, a few rounds of whiskeys and a couple of cognacs – all the while beating five Royal Navy sailors at arm-wrestling. It’s a miracle they’ve got any booze left at all.

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