EDM mania hits India

sunburnfestivalFor a country of 1.25 billion people, India has never been a major stop on the international live music circuit. Sure, there’s been a smattering of heavy metal gigs and a one-off Beyoncé show in Mumbai in 2007, while Sting can always be counted on to throw in a sitar concert between yoga retreats, but low ticket prices and high production costs mean that big tours by the likes of U2 and Rihanna have traditionally bypassed the country.

That has left a vacuum that’s now being filled, perhaps inevitably, by mass-market EDM. Next month, Major Lazer will tour India for the first time. They’re followed in January by Steve Aoki, who’s returning to the country for his third tour. “India is full of culture and life and we’re excited to explore the country,” says Diplo. “Major Lazer is all about doing things that other people don’t do.” And with those words, we move one step closer to a world where it’s impossible to ever be out of earshot of a ludicrous drop.

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