Cypress Hill: ‘The next album will be our last’

Cypress Hill are railing against the state of modern hip-hop. “In a world where this particular musical genre has tossed substance out the fucking window, there are those of us that strive to still make something that says something,” says B-Real, who’s spent three decades doing just that as the frontman of these Californian hip-hop giants. “You have all this s*** out there that’s talking about what you have and what you want in terms of materialistic things. For us, we’ve always felt compelled to talk about the realities of life. That’s where we come from, from that first Cypress Hill album all the way down the line.”

Some would say they’ve earned the right to be hyper-critical. Blending funk and hard rock-inflected rap with incendiary lyrics about the horrors of gang violence and the benefits of marijuana, the three-piece are one of the biggest hip-hop bands of all time, selling more than 20 million albums since they formed in 1988.

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