A report from the LA premiere of ​‘Jesus is King’

kanye-jesusLast night in Los Angeles, Ye’s faithful flock descended on the Forum to hear his repeatedly-delayed ninth album two days ahead of its (apparent) release. As they approached the venue they could see the record’s title JESUS IS KING in white lettering bathed in blue light, projected on the side of the building. Down in the parking lot, it was hell on earth.

The show was supposed to start at 8pm, but at that point thousands were still stranded outside trying to collect tickets. At 8:35pm, Kanye took the mic and asked for patience. ​Over half the people are not in the building yet,” he announced. ​Can you give us 15 more minutes?” The crowd, chanting: ​Yeezy!”, didn’t seem to mind at all, especially after he confirmed that the new record really is on its way this time. ​Two days ​til the album drop,” he confirmed. ​It’s coming.”

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