Émir Shiro Uncensored


In one collage, Kim Kardashian’s perfect ass is perfectly perched on Kanye West’s cracked-open calvarium. In another, titled Oh Yeezus Christ (Original), a snippet of Kardashian’s famous bosom intersects the habit of a Catholic nun. Elsewhere, the president of the United States dons a white baseball cap stitched with the phrase MAKE YEEZY GREAT AGAIN. While the Kardashian-West family aren’t the only muses for 27-year-old artist Émir Shiro, within his catalog of some 200 outré art pieces they no doubt reflect an obsession with simultaneously criticizing and celebrating pop culture’s bleeding edge. Through Shiro’s eyes, the world’s most well-known personalities are better understood as composites than at face value. They’re also funnier this way and, dare we say, sexier.

Published in Playboy, Winter 2019. Continue reading at Playboy.